NATIONAL MALL @ lincoln Memorial
WASHINGTON, D.C. 12:00 p.m.

The Concerts

Following the Juggalo March, there will be a free concert where the bands below, all of whom have been personally invited by Psychopathic Records, will perform for free to express their support for the Juggalos fight to clear their name from the FBI's gang label. Rest assured if there is a band out there that has Juggalo love, they’ve been invited! Below is the list of artists who will volunteering their musical skills in the name of standing up for Juggalo rights!


1Ton from Potluck

2 Live Crew


Big Hoodoo

 Blahzay Roze



DJ Clay 

Glasses Malone

 Insane Clown Posse

 Jelly Roll


 Kissing Candice

 Kung Fu Vampire

Lil Wyte

Liquid Assassin

 Lo Key



Project Born



Vanilla Ice


Zug Izland



Wish List

Psychopathic Records intends to invite several mainstream artists and celebrities who have  Juggalo's respect to participate as well.
We will announce these names and personally invite them as we acquire their personal email address or contact info. We will also announce the official date they were added to The Wish List and when  their invitation was sent.
Check back regularly to see what names have been added!

The Invitation

The following invitiation was sent to each artist below.  The first paragraph was written personally to each artist. The rest is as follows:

Let’s get right down to business. We here at Psychopathic Records are writing you this email about a very serious matter. Please, out of respect for Juggalos, many of who proudly support your music and your career, please read this email letter all the way through.

You may or may not have heard about how back in 2011 the FBI officially labeled the followers of our music, who call themselves “Juggalos,” a “Loosely Organized Hybrid Gang.” Actually, they were included among the nation’s top ten, on the FBI’s “Top 10 Gang Assessment List,” right up there with the Bloods, the Crips, the MS13, the Latin Kings, etc. The repercussions that come with being a part of this official gang list have been extremely damaging to thousands and thousands of innocent lives out there, which incredibly include those of our own innocent, music-loving, super supportive followers. In many states across the nation, this outrageous act of lawless discrimination continues to punish anybody known to show public or private support for not only our band ICP’s music, but also the music of many more artists out there, all who exist within the Juggalo World to this very day.

Some examples: Thousands of Juggalos have been added into an official gang database across the country just for having Juggalo related tattoos and stickers on their cars, or even just for wearing Juggalo related t-shirts in public. Because these fans are in fact actual gang members according to this very real and official gang database bullshit, they are being punished in various ways.

We just met a lady at a meet n greet who showed us the actual walking papers she’d been handed 2 months ago, and right on them it said she was being let go from her probation officer job that she had worked at for years prior because they’d found significant evidence that she was in fact a Juggalo a.k.a. “gang member” on her Facebook! Parents have lost custody battles, losing their kids, over them being labeled “gang members” in the eyes of the court legally! For being Juggalos! No bullshit! Some Juggalos that fuck up and catch a 1st degree felony have it automatically upgraded to a 2nd degree felony because of their “gang banger” database status. One of the most common and biggest complaints we hear all the time is that our fans are being rejected from joining the military because of this same bullshit. I could go on and on with how bad shit sucks for many people out there, who publicly represent us and are actually being punished for it by the law! This shit is truly insane, and because Juggalos started off and are most commonly known as followers of ICP’s music, it’s us who hears these horror stories constantly!

There’s a nationally published book that came out in stores everywhere called Juggalo, by Steve Miller (Da Capo Press, 2016). It goes into great detail about all of this shit. It explains how twisted the law actually views what a Juggalo is, how and why it all came to be, and so much more. It’s crazy just reading how there are actually people (even former Juggalos) whose career it is to fly around the country, holding “Juggalo Detection Seminars” for law enforcement agencies everywhere. They do this to educate them on Juggalo culture and how to identify Juggalos. There are city council meetings about Juggalos and town hall summits happening all the time. Just Google “Are Juggalos a gang?” The stories about it are endless.

Somebody please tell me how and why the fuck our nation’s government gets to do this shit and more to innocent, human, American, taxpaying lives out there just because that person enjoys our tunes and is proud of it enough to want to wear one of our logos? Even if they drape their entire body in our logos in every way imaginable, how the hell is that wrong? Somebody tell me in 2017, how is listening to any type of music, and wanting others to know about it, a crime of any sort? Where is the cavalry? What’s the real fuckin’ difference between your and our art, and any other artist’s or band’s art? Why on earth do ALL of OUR proud listeners deserve to be lumped in, judged, and classified in this manner or in any manner at all? Where’s all the press? Why isn’t the media trippin’ the fuck out over such blatant discrimination against us? Where are the freedom fighters? So nobody cares or thinks it’s wrong because it’s just the human beings who listen to our crap being discriminated against? They must all be thinking, “Oh, it’s them this is happening to? Well in that case it’s OK to ruin their lives, I guess.” Nothing like this has ever happened in rock ’n’ roll, rap, or any kind of music in history period! NOTHING! Is it because we’re so original that we don’t fit into any genre of music and therefore had to dig out our own tunnels to exist? Because we’ve never used the industry’s standard avenues and instead blazed our own trails to success? So now because of this, we’re all considered outlaws? Anybody who supports our music is criminal? Love or hate us, is this type of mass judgment and wrongful treatment of people who play our music OK here in our own country? Right here in the land of the free this shit is somehow deemed appropriate? Here in the United motherfuckin’ States, even?

The only reason is obvious: Let’s face it. Because of the portrait the press has painted over the last two decades, most of the public that have heard of Juggalos view them all as stupid, ignorant, no good bums that follow the horrible garbage rap produced by ICP. They’re all from broken homes, outcasts and undesirables who long to belong to something and they found that companionship by discovering others just like them in following ICP’s shitty music, and for some unfathomable reason, they’ve now done the same for 20 years or better. Bang. There it is. The very real reputation of Juggalos.

This same type of bullshit has been reported about Juggalos from day one. Whatever the news, it’s usually always made negative when regarding our Juggalo Family. The very reason we call ourselves “The Most Hated Band in the World.”

WHAT THEY DON’T KNOW IS…Juggalos may have started out as just ICP fans, but unbeknownst to the general public and media at large is that over the years these people have developed and evolved into a huge, underground, extremely active subculture that stays mad supportive of each other and the unique, independent, and eccentric DIY acts that they love. This fuckin’ massive, underground movement’s own hunger for authentic music has made them capable of seeking out and discovering colorful and characteristic, super cool hip hop acts and bands years before the mainstream ever could. And for many lives within this monster movement, this shit is about more than just the music, albums, and concerts. For them, living their whole life as a Juggalo is an extremely adventurous and fulfilling way to live.


ICP & Psychopathic Records (having enjoyed nothing but Juggalo love our entire career) have taken it upon ourselves to try to organize and rally up all the main artists that Juggalos love and support and hopefully persuade as many of them as possible to show that same kind of love and support back! We’re asking you all to join us for a huge attempt at changing the fucked up reputation that Juggalos have in this country.

We want to unify the entire Family, and as loud and proud as we possibly can, inform the nation of our truth: “WE ARE NOT A GANG. WE’RE A FAMILY.” We plan to get our message across by staging one fully organized, massive, and very public event…

“The Juggalo March on Washington DC”

This demonstration is scheduled to happen about 9 months from now, on the day of September 16th, 2017.

The planned celebration portion of the march is a two-day, fat ass concert that will hopefully feature all of the Juggalos’ main favorite acts performing for free, in support of this cause. These two concerts will both take place at The Jiffy Lube Amphitheater in Bristow, Virginia, 25 minutes outside of Washington DC, the afternoons of Friday September 15th and the actual day of the march itself, Saturday September 16th, 2017.

It’s important to us that you know right from the rip that this event, although being organized and paid for by us, is not being billed in any way, shape, or form as “ICP’s Juggalo March”; nor will you see “Psychopathic Records Presents…” anywhere on any of the promotional shit for this entire action AT ALL. This whole movement is strictly being held and promoted in the name of, and for the name of, “The Juggalo Family.”

Psychopathic has already obtained all of the necessary permits for the march itself and organized it to happen the standard way similar marches and demonstrations are held. Gathering first at the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, marching around the Washington Monument, and then back to the Lincoln where a stage will be set up for several speeches from various artists, affected Juggalos, and others.

Psychopathic alone is paying the full cost of the mandatory security needed for the march, the required port-a-johns, the stage and PA for the speeches, the required cleanup fees, and the best publicity team available to promote this epic, once-in-a-lifetime event.

Psychopathic is also covering the full cost of renting The Jiffy Lube Amphitheater for two days, including the security and necessary staff. Also, the awesome stage lighting and massive PA system needed to make these concerts incredible. The amphitheater requires a $1 dollar admission fee so they can gauge how many Juggalos will be attending and when and if they’ve reached capacity. The dollar we earn from the tickets will be put towards our many crazy-ass costs.

There is another very essential part of our plan. Once we’ve figured out who exactly will be playing these two basically free ($1) concerts, we plan to record and shoot a video for what we’re calling “The Family Cypher.” This will feature a hot 16 bars from every act confirmed to perform at the two free concerts.

To achieve this, Psychopathic Records will send everyone the dopest possible track we can find, and after every artist has laced it up, we’ll hook it the fuck up, trick it out as fresh as possible, and then mix that bad boy down.

Then we’ll simply send a small video crew out to wherever we can catch up with each of these artists or groups and film them spitting their verse in some dope, nearby, prearranged location. This shouldn’t take more than an hour of everybody’s time at max, as we will have everything prearranged and ready to go by the time they arrive.

Once we’ve gotten everybody filmed, we will create an incredibly powerful, one of a kind cypher video that showcases exactly how creative, eccentric, and talented all of the Juggalo supported artists actually are. People everywhere, including the media, will be thinking, “Damn I had no idea that all these dope ass rappers had Juggalo support.” We feel this cypher is a very important tool for this project and will open a lot of minds up to how cool the Juggalo scene actually is. ICP’s verse in the cypher will be completely random, with no special treatment, to further the point that the Juggalo subculture is actually massively misunderstood and are far from just a bunch of simple-minded ICP fans. At the end of this awesome colorful and diverse cypher video, we will post the info about the march and the two free concerts, and also post the link to a very informative website all about the FBI’s obviously ignorant discrimination against this incredibly unified music-loving Family.

We plan to begin working on “The Family Cypher” as soon as all the performers have been confirmed. We hope to have this posted up on You Tube and begin our promotions at least 4 or 5 months prior to the event.

Now, as for exactly who we’re hoping will be performing at these two epic free concerts? Well, obviously we’re down. Are you?

Therefore, on behalf of “The Juggalo March on Washington DC,” and Juggalos everywhere, we are straight up personally asking if you would be willing to participate in “The Family Cypher” song and video, and in about 9 months time, come to Washington DC, and perform either Friday, September 15th, or Saturday, September 16th, for free.

The fact is Juggalos were there to truly recognize and support your freshness! And still to this very day, Juggalos strongly love and support your every move!

We believe those of us lucky enough to enjoy the incredibly supportive love of Juggalos should pay them back in 2017! Why now? The Number “17” is and has always been sacred to many Juggalos for many different theories and speculations. Yet Juggalos all seem to agree that 17 is without a doubt the magic number for the Family. In 2017, we can publicly show our support for Juggalos together. We feel that by us all doing “The Family Cypher” and performing at one of the two free concerts taking place the night before and the night of the march, we will definitely be supporting the cause itself. Which, again, is our best and only way to scream out loud to the rest of the nation: “WE ARE NOT A GANG. WE’RE A FAMILY!”

I know this shit sounds crazy but hear us out: If Psychopathic Records and ICP don’t organize this march and free concerts to draw the Juggalos in, and stand up and fight this fuckin’ stupid gang label that’s affecting thousands of our supporters…then who the fuck will? And if this all sounds like a bad idea to you, well then you tell us how else can those of us who care deeply about this shit fight back? Our attempts to sue the FBI have failed. The shit got thrown out of court three times now and never even made it to trial. It’s time to take action ourselves as a movement and move! We must be seen and heard en masse!

If the Juggalos don’t do shit at all about being labeled a fuckin’ gang and they just accept it, then they might as well be one. Because that’s how the nation sees them right now, and probably will forever more. The Juggalos’ legacy is worth so much more than that.

If ICP inspired what has now become “The Juggalo Subculture” then we are mad proud of that shit! But with this amazingly supportive, unified Family of loving supporters being officially labeled as just a damn “STREET GANG”? That shit is saying, “You and all your fans are all just criminals, and your whole fuckin’ 25 year long history is all just some negative shit!” Fuck that man! We gotta let people know!

One thing’s for sure: Every single person who goes to this thing will indeed make history for themselves. Life is about making great memories and all of us together, with our music serving as the very soundtrack to this baffling Juggalo universe. We mean a great deal to these people. We are looked up to by these fine human beings who are, and for the last 20 years or more have been, picked on, laughed at, and fucked with for showing us their love. And unbelievably this has now escalated to the point that now and for the last 7 years, these strong faithful supporters of ours have been receiving U.S. government sanctioned punishments for supporting our dreams and goals.

We hope that you realize each and every one of us, the artists, groups, and bands on this invite list, the very artists this phenomenal subculture loves and supports, all add credibility and volume to our call, which demands respect from our nation’s government, its media, and its very public.

Beyond anything, we all play an essential role in ensuring that these great people will never, ever, for the rest of their fuckin’ lives, forget about the time when they went to Washington DC and marched around the Lincoln Memorial with thousands of their family and witnessed the show of all Juggalo shows, live and in person!

So, there it is. We’ve said it all. Please consider wholeheartedly lending your support to the Juggalo family by volunteering your musical talents to this historic event--whether it's performing at the concert, marching with the Juggalos at the mall or taking part in the Juggalo March Cypher.

Be safe on your travels. 

Please Respond at *************** 

Joe Bruce Lee—Violent J of Insane Clown Posse  

Joey Utsler—Shaggy 2 Dope of Insane Clown Posse

Rob Bruce Lee—Master Ninja Mega Don 

Bill Dail—Head Ninja, President, Face Puncher & CEO